Month: February 2013

  • Data Migration Strategy – a Functional Approach

    Having been on a few projects now where the data migration was treated as a technical exercise and felt the impact of this – now it’s time to describe the data migration from a functional perspective. Data migration strategy also called data conversion strategy is the basis for this. Focusing on the functional perspective helps […]

  • SQL Plus Instant Client

    As a functional consultant you’re often asked to run a SQL*Plus script from Oracle Support however these scripts does not always behave well with SQL Developer. So instead you can use a little tool called SQL Plus Instant Client. Installation You need to download: Instant Client Package – Basic: All files required to run OCI, […]

  • SQL Developer Tips

    This is my little collection of SQL Developer tips for functional consultants like myself – so nothing complicated really but good to know. Default Output directory: When running in script mode and you use the spool commend your output will be located in: %APPDATA%\SQL Developer Due to the space be sure to use "s: dir […]