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  • R12 – Virtualbox Connection

    So you got R12 up and running and want to connect to it from a Vbox machine? I’m running R12.0.4 on OEL5.3 with Virtualbox 2.2.2 having a Windows 7 machine. R12 R12 is installed on OEL with the hostname: localhost.localdomain Firefox works locally against R12 so the EBS stack in working at this point. Start […]

  • R12 – Firefox and Java

    I recommend you to start with this article to get R12 up and running. Firefox Firefox 3 does not work with R12. I could get forms to work however framework pages had problems with buttons. So install Firefox 2 instead. Java Plug-in For R12.0.4 on OEL desktop you want to use JRE otherwise you […]