R12 – Virtualbox Connection

So you got R12 up and running and want to connect to it from a Vbox machine?

I’m running R12.0.4 on OEL5.3 with Virtualbox 2.2.2 having a Windows 7 machine.


R12 is installed on OEL with the hostname: localhost.localdomain

Firefox works locally against R12 so the EBS stack in working at this point.

Start the database, listener and apps. See Managing R12:

$ addbctl start

$ addlnctl start VIS

$ adstrtal apps/apps

To test if a database network connection would work try:

$ sqlplus apps/apps@VIS


Installed Vbox 2.2.2 on OEL. Get it from http://www.virtualbox.org

Setup Vbox host-only network in \File\Preferences

Screenshot-VirtualBox - Settings

and give it a ip like on the adapter tab:

Screenshot-Host-only Network Details

and setup the dhcp tab like this:

Screenshot-Host-only Network Details - dhcp

When the Vbox machine is started you should be able to ping it:


Windows 7 in Virtualbox

I use Windows 7 RC.

Create a Vbox machine and mount the downloaded Win7 ISO as CDROM and run install:

Screenshot-Virtual Media Manager

You get it from here:

Setup Vbox networking like this:

Screenshot-Windows 7 - Settings

This will communicate through the ip address.

When Window 7 is installed create a new entry in the file:


like this:


Pointing to localhost.localdomain so Firefox R12 login works.

To ensure everything work try to ping localhost:



If you want to do development then this tool is great. Get it from:


I installed version 1.5.1.

Setup the connection:


I just used the ip address here and it works fine.


To run R12 forms and framework you need Firefox 2.

Install Firefox 2 in Win7. I installed version Get it from:


Allow localhost.localdomain is Firefox security:


and pop-ups:


To start R12 enter the URL:


And you get the login screen:

Screenshot-Login - Mozilla Firefox


Java is a must for R12. Check the version required when you have logged in to R12 and click a forms screen

In 12.0.4 it is


Then install Java to ensure you don’t get plug-in issues with R12. Get it from:


As Firefox only supports one Java plug-in at any one time check the directory for plug-ins:

C:\ > DIR “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins”

Ensure you only have one Java plug-in here. If it is missing the do this:

C:\ > copy C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_13\bin\NPJPI150_13.dll C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins

Restart Firefox and now everything should work.

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