Draytek 2760 and Spanish Orange ONT

Creating another networking post as I did find this critical to working my business from Spain.

With a standard Spanish Oracle connection you get a so called “Livebox” , which is an fairly advanced consumer router. However for my LAN to LAN VPN connection to York, this router is no good and I need my Draytek 2760 to work for this.

This is how to set it up.

Connection diagram:

  • Nokia ONT: connects to Orange fibre network
  • Draytek 2760: VPN router connecting using IPSEC with IKEv2 to York
  • Unifi USG: LAN router
  • Unifi Switch: managed switch

The LAN setup is similar to my previous post on Draytek 2860 and Unifi USG.

However the connecting from a Draytek to a Spanish Orange ONT is as follows:

Draytek 2760 Settings


General Setup – WAN2:


  • Tag value: 832 (required for Orange)
  • Priority: 0
  • WAN2 will enable port P4 as WAN, which should be connected to the ONT
  • Display Name: Oniti is the Orange provider

General Setup – Internet Access


  • Obtain an IP address automatically (the blue covered bit are from earlier tests)
  • Enable PING (was the best solution for me but not required)
  • MAC Address: MAC address of the LiveBox (as the installation technician enters this into the ONT, I think)


DMZ Host

Create a WAN2 DMZ connection to the USG to minimise double NAT


Just a couple of LAN notes similar to my earlier Draytek 2860 post.

General Setup


  • DMZ network with DHCP (exposed to the web) connected to USG via port P1
  • LAN network with no DHCP as this is controlled by the USG and connected to USG LAN via the Unifi Switch from port P3
  • The is no routing between the 8 and 9 networks (naturally to enforce the USG firewall)
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