R12.2.9 Notes

Just some notes around getting R12.2.9 up and running.

As R12.2.x is using Weblogic Fusion middleware you need at least 16Gb ram


  2. Install OEL 8
  3. Install VirtualBox 6
  4. Unzip R12 files
  5. Merge R12 files
  6. Import into VirtualBox
  7. First Run
  8. Final Steps
  9. Backup and Restore


Download from http://edelivery.oracle.com

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.1 or later
  • Search for OEL
  • Download: V984216-01.iso Oracle Linux Release 8 Update 1 for x86 (64 bit), 7.2 GB
  • Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2.9 on VM
  • Search for VM suite (somehow the search engine does not work with version numbers)
  • Click: Oracle VM Virtual Appliances for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Click: Oracle VM Virtual Appliances for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Download all (63Gb)

Install OEL8

I use OEL8.1 for running VirtualBox.

An earlier version can be used but this version supports NVME on a PCIe card on which supports NVME.

Running the R12.2.2 VM on a NVME is very fast.

The OEL inside the VM is running OEL 6.1 and does not support NVME so by running the VM on OEL8.1 then NVME is supported.

I will not explain how to install Linux as this is trivial.

However note the following:

  • Disable the firewall to void port issues with R12.2.9
  • Note OEL6 uses iptables but OEL8 uses firewalld
  • As root do:
systemctl stop firewalld
systemctl disable firewalld
systemctl status firewalld

Install VirtualBox 6

As root in OEL8 do:

yum install VirtualBox-6.1

Yep that is all.

Unzip R12 files

In Windows, download 7-zip and create a script like this and run it:

@echo off
set topdir=E:\R12.2.9
set curdir=%CD%
cd %topdir%
for /r %topdir% %%i in (*.zip) do (
	echo %%i
	C:\Admin\Cloud\Programs\7-Zip\7z.exe e -y -o%topdir% %%i
cd %curdir%

In Linux even easier, just do:

find . -name "*.zip" -exec unzip {} \;

Merge R12 files

We need to concatenate the file to create a single .ova file.

In Windows use the following script:

@echo off
set topdir=E:\R12.2.9
set curdir=%CD%
cd %topdir%
copy /b %topdir%\*.ova.?? %topdir%\r1229.ova
cd %curdir%

or just do:

copy /b *.ova.?? r1229.ova

This can now be transferred to OEL8.

The files with automatically be concatenated in correct sequence.

In Linux just do:

cat *.ova.?? > r1229.ova

Import into VirtualBox

This is all done in OEL8.

Look at the readme:

  • Oracle VM Virtual Appliance for Oracle E-Business Suite Deployment Guide_Release 12.2.9.html
  • Section 3: Deploying the Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.9 VM Virtual Appliance on Oracle VM VirtualBox

The readme zip file contain instructions on how to do this:

  • Ensure to update the drive to NVME before starting import
  • Use “bridged” network adapter

First Run

Follow readme:

  • Section 4.1: Starting the First Boot

To setup the instance.

Then follow:

  • Section 4.2: Configuring the Application Before the First Use

To enable the APPS users:


That’s all. I skipped the rest.

Backup and Restore

To backup just shutdown the VM and use:

vboxmanage export $vmname -o /backup/oracle/somename.ova

To restore, use:

vboxmanage import /backup/oracle/somename.ova

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