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  • Oracle E-Business Tax and Brexit

    As the United Kingdom (UK) leaves the EU from the 1/1-2021; E-Business Tax (ZX/EBTax) setup will require changes. Disclaimer and warning: EBTax setup is complex and flexible therefore the example below is unlikely to work with your instance, so please do use a skilled consultant for the changes and test carefully. All the examples below […]

  • Draytek 2760 and Spanish Orange ONT

    Creating another networking post as I did find this critical to working my business from Spain. With a standard Spanish Oracle connection you get a so called “Livebox” , which is an fairly advanced consumer router. However for my LAN to LAN VPN connection to York, this router is no good and I need my […]

  • Draytek 2860 and Unifi USG

    I normally don’t do networking posts but in this case I think there may be a need as I could not find any solutions for this anywhere else. This solution uses a Draytek 2860 as a VDSL modem, VPN and LAN-LAN device. Using a Draytek 2860 as modem and Unifi USG as gateway is not […]

  • Java Web Start

    As IE support is dying, Oracle have released a new way to launch the Java forms called Java Web Start – JWS. JWS was introduced with R12.2.3 and in R12.1.3 with patches. Have a look at this Oracle blog. The low-down is you can enable JWS in 2 ways Update the context file Update profile […]

  • R12.2.9 Notes

    Just some notes around getting R12.2.9 up and running. As R12.2.x is using Weblogic Fusion middleware you need at least 16Gb ram Steps: Downloads Install OEL 8 Install VirtualBox 6 Unzip R12 files Merge R12 files Import into VirtualBox First Run Final Steps Backup and Restore Downloads Download from http://edelivery.oracle.com Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.1 or […]

  • BI/XML Publisher Notes

    My notes for making a simple Excel report in XML Publisher without the need for a developer. I know it is now called BI Publisher but within E-Business Suite it is mostly referred to as XML Publisher. I feel the need for this note as there are plenty of blogs just showing examples from the […]

  • Dell PowerEdge T20 Notes

    Bought one of these for running various business services. Got it cheap with cashback for less than the CPU would cost in retail. The CPU and motherboard supports: VT-x: Hardware virtualization VT-d: Direct I/O virtualization vPro: Active management technology (AMT) Standard specifications: Intel Xeon E3-1225V3 Ram 4Gb 1Gb hard disk Additional components: Kingston 2x8Gb Ram […]

  • ESXi Notes

    Having previously worked with Oracle VirtualBox I thought this this would be an easy transition – but no way. ESXi feel much more like a enterprise ready product, with complexities at that level as well. Most of the things in here will be related to the CLI interface of ESXi version 6.5. It is work […]

  • Lenovo X1 Carbon Tips and Notes

    Very happy with this computer and only have very few issues as per below. Sierra Wireless EM7345 4G LTE This WLAN unit seems very unstable and tend to disconnect just after connecting. It does not help to disable any power settings. The solution I found was simple – run ping in the background. Open a […]

  • HP ProLiant MicroServer Notes

    This server is getting a bit old now but still works well except for some minor problems I will start to record in here. Excessive disk I/O caused by audiodg.exe The Microserver does not have a soundcard when using Remote Desktop on Windows 10 it creates a Remote Audio driver . This remote Remote Audio […]

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