HP ProLiant MicroServer Notes

This server is getting a bit old now but still works well except for some minor problems I will start to record in here.

Excessive disk I/O caused by audiodg.exe

The Microserver does not have a soundcard when using Remote Desktop on Windows 10 it creates a Remote Audio driver .

This remote Remote Audio driver should be disabled using the Device Manager console as per below:


Disable by right-clicking and chose “Disable”

Don’t ask me why the disk I/O happens – it’s one of those things…

KVM Viewer does not open

This is a Java based tools and only really works in Internet Explorer.

However IE has changed over time so the pop-up does not work any more.

This is especially true in this case for:

  • Windows 8.1 64-bit  or Windows 10 64-bit
  • Java 6 (if you have any newer then de-install these)
  • Internet Explorer 11
1. Click Launch KVM Viewer


2. Click Open


3. Pick Application


Click: More Options


Default Open With./.. windows opens

Click: Look for another app on this PC


However this points to x64 programs so change to: Program Files (x86)


Click on Java (which is now a 32-bit Java) and go down to the bin directory:


Pick the Java Web Start executable: javaws.exe

And the KVM should start just fine…

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