Category: General Ledger

  • Budgetary Control and Funds Checking Notes

    Overview Modules supporting budgetary control: General Ledger Payables Purchasing Inventory Projects Limitations: Budgetary control is only available for the primary ledger functional entered currency Budgetary control requires the use of encumbrance or budgetary accounting Funds checking levels: Detail budgetary control: budget per code combination assigned at budget organization range level Summary budgetary control: budget by […]

  • R12.2.2 Financials New Features

    R12.2.2 enhancements compared to R12.1.3… This is an excerpt with highlights from Metalink document id: 1302189.1 For: Financials Projects Flexfields E-Business Tax Customer Tax Information Import: Customer interface program now supports the following: Party Tax Profile Tax Registrations Exemptions Reporting Code Association New condition set operators: Used to be available in R12.1.3 as a patch […]

  • Functional Currency and Ledger Currency

    How do we determine what currencies to use for our ledgers? Accounting regulations like FASB52 and IAS21 (see regulatory limitations below for details) does not put many limitations on us. Neither does the Oracle R12 ledger setup – at least not evidently according to the FCG (see references section below for acronyms). FASB52 and IAS21 […]

  • GL Chart of Accounts – Number of Segments

    How many segments in my Chart of Accounts (COA) are needed for my business? There are many considerations and this article will only focus on the number of segments rather than the segment values which will be handled in a later post. Some of the considerations are: Oracle System requirements Legal reporting requirements Financial management […]

  • R12 – General Ledger – GL

    Back to R12 – Upgrade Overview Overview In GL there has been a number of changes: Terminology Changes Set of Books (SOB) is now Ledgers Multiple Reporting Currencies (MRC) is now Reporting Currencies Global Intercompany System (GIS) is now Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS) Obsolete Global Accounting Engine (AX) replaced by Subledger Accounting MRC as […]