R12.2.2 Financials New Features

R12.2.2 enhancements compared to R12.1.3…

This is an excerpt with highlights from Metalink document id: 1302189.1


  • Financials
  • Projects
  • Flexfields

E-Business Tax

  • Customer Tax Information Import: Customer interface program now supports the following:
    • Party Tax Profile
    • Tax Registrations
    • Exemptions
    • Reporting Code Association
  • New condition set operators: Used to be available in R12.1.3 as a patch only:
    • Null
    • Not Null

General Ledger

  • Integration with the Fusion Accounting Hub enabling:
    • Generate boardroom ready financial statements
    • Analyze variances with exception-based online account monitoring
    • Online slice-and-dice account analysis
  • Data Relationship Management (DRM) Integration for synchronization with Hyperion DRM


  • Payment Acknowledgement Import containing payment status for bank received payment files enabling:
    • Map bank acknowledgment codes with the system defined acknowledgment codes
    • Import acknowledgment data
    • Import multiple acknowledgments per payment
    • Review acknowledgment details including bank reported errors and status.


  • Review and Manage Accounting Exceptions during Period Close enabling:
    • Sweep Invalid Distributions using an accrual
    • Supporting document for audit
  • Automate Auto Lockbox Processing
  • Assign Customers to Unidentified Receipts using API
  • Golden Tax Adaptor Enhancement for Mainland China

Tax, Legal and Regulatory Updates

  • Belgium: Belgian VAT Annual Return Report Legal Changes 2012
  • Brazil: Federal SPED Regulation – Accounting SPED Updates
  • Brazil: Fiscal SPED – Electronic Invoice Layout Update (Manual 4.01)
  • Brazil: Fiscal SPED – Support for PIS/COFINS (EFD-Digital Fiscal Bookkeeping)
  • China: China Accounting Software Data Interface Banking Standard
  • India: NSDL eTDS and eTCS Returns
  • India: TCS Product Impact Support
  • India: Service Tax Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Israel: Combined VAT File (Ichud Oskim)
  • Israel: Withholding Tax File – 856 (Legal Changes 2010)
  • Portugal: Billing Software Certification
  • Russia: Enable Revaluation at Year End
  • Spain: VAT Legislation: Modelo 349 ESL/EPL Changes
  • United Kingdom: Local Authority Revaluation and Impairment
  • United Kingdom: Modulus Check Validations for Bank Accounts
    • This is back ported in R12.1.x patch: 16511168:R12.CE.B
  • U.S. Federal: New FACTS II Edits·

Public Service Financials International

  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS): Exclusion of Out of Scope Contract Invoices in Monthly Returns Reporting

U.S. Federal Financials

  • Common Government-wide Accounting Classification (CGAC) Configuration accommodating:
    • CGAC component based Treasury Account Symbol
    • TAS, Fund, and General Ledger CGAC related attributes
    • 8-character Business Event Type Code (BETC)
    • New automated process has been added for establishing new single and multi-year TASs

Environmental Accounting & Reporting

  • Updated Carbon Disclosure Project Report
  • Enhanced Performance Dashboards
  • Enhanced Key Performance Indicators

Property Manager

  • Lease and Terms APIs
  • Business Event Workflow and Status Update
  • Variable Rent and Breakpoint APIs
  • Override Variable Rent Calculations Client Extensions
  • Index Rent APIs

Financials Common Modules

  • Scheduling of AP/AR Netting Batches: Scheduling of the AP/AR Netting program
  • New localizations for India:
    • Advanced Pricing Support
    • Tax Information on Purchase Order Workflow Notification
    • Reassessing Service Tax on Receipt of Foreign Payments
    • Enhanced Bill of Entry Functionality
    • Tax Import to Receivables and Payables
    • Re-architecture of TDS Changes and Code Integration Points
    • Performance Improvement for Creditors Ledger Reports

Project Billing

  • Standard Invoicing for Adjusted Transactions

Project Costing

  • Labour Costing Enhancements:
    • Costing with HR Rates with Support for Multiple Rates per Employee
    • New OTL Timecard Layout to Support Rate by Criteria
    • Total Time Reporting for Exempt Employees
    • Labor Costing using Payroll Actuals
    • Labor Cost Accruals
    • Expenditure Batch Reversal Program
  • CMRO Integration Enhancements
  • Payables Integration Enhancement – Support for Self Assessed Tax
  • Enhanced Cost Collection by Cost Code

Project Management

  • Planning with HR Rates
  • Updated Rates when Generating Forecast from the Workplan
  • Planning without Resource Classes
  • Planning by Cost Breakdown Structure


  • Value Set Security: Flexfield value set security allows system administrators to restrict users from viewing, adding or updating values in specific value sets
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