Installing an Oracle Server

This is an example of a reasonable priced Oracle server. The configuration below was around £700.

From R12.2 an Oracle Weblogic Server is included so you will need a lot more power to install R12.2 in a reasonable time. You could install and run R12.1 on a 4Gb Atom CPU based server but for R12.2 I would recommend minimum 8Gb and ideally 16Gb running on a i7 or Xeon CPU. Also to speed things up it would be good to run the database on a RAID 0 disk array.

If you intend to install Oracle Fusion in the future then use a Xeon CPU that can address plenty of memory.

The configuration I have chosen is:

Component Manufacturer Notes
Case Coolermaster P100 ATX Case with Thunder 700W PSU Large cabinet for HDD’s and CPU cooling
Motherboard Supermicro MBD-X9SRL-F-O Supports iKVM, RAID, Xeon E5 and 256Gb RAM
Cpu Intel Xeon E5-2603 4 Core Cheapest large memory range server CPU
Cooler Supermicro SNK-P0050AP4 LGA 2011 Intel Xeon CPU Cooler Has to fit narrow LGA2011 Xeon socket
Ram Kingston ECC 1333MHz 240-pin RDIMM DDR3L CL9 16Gb I bought two of these for best performance

I already have 4 hard disks from a previous server. 1 HDD will be for staging and 3 HDD’s will be for the RAID 0.

Hardware Installation

This is not a detailed instruction but just a hint of how to do this, so be sure to follow the supplied manuals with your product.

Unpack motherboard
2013-10-28 12.58.53
Open CPU socket

2013-10-28 13.01.38

Insert CPU and lock socket

2013-10-28 13.16.44 2013-10-28 13.17.22

Insert RAM

2013-10-28 13.23.56

Prepare CPU cooler and change to narrow layout

2013-10-28 13.27.42 2013-10-28 13.30.50

Mount cooler onto CPU and then add fan

2013-10-28 13.37.35 2013-10-28 13.38.54

Mount motherboard backplane first
2013-10-28 13.57.29

Mount motherboard in case

2013-10-28 14.04.20

Mount cables – power and USB

2013-10-28 14.55.44 2013-10-28 14.56.16

Mount fan, cabinet and staging HDD cables

2013-10-28 14.56.47  2013-10-28 15.47.23

Added 3 RAID HDD’s

2013-11-05 14.33.11

Installed hot swap bay for OS hard disk
2013-11-05 14.34.12

2013-11-05 14.32.51

Plugged in with two Ethernet cables – one for the iKVM and another for normal internet access

2013-11-05 14.35.16

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