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  • R12.2.9 Notes

    Just some notes around getting R12.2.9 up and running. As R12.2.x is using Weblogic Fusion middleware you need at least 16Gb ram Steps: Downloads Install OEL 8 Install VirtualBox 6 Unzip R12 files Merge R12 files Import into VirtualBox First Run Final Steps Backup and Restore Downloads Download from http://edelivery.oracle.com Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.1 or […]

  • Install R12.1.3 from VM Template

    This article is for functional consultants who wants an R12.1.3 environment available for knowledge development. Some basic DBA and Linux skills will be needed however. Components needed are: 2 computers – one controller and one server Oracle VirtualBox (VBOX) on controller Oracle Virtual Manager (OVM) on controller Oracle Virtual Server (OVS) on server Serva DNS […]

  • R12.1 – Installation

    Well having installed and worked with R12.0.4  it very fast becomes clear that a new version is needed. So I downloaded R12.1.1 from Oracle eDelivery. 40 files in excess of 45Gb to the joy of my ISP. NOTE until 20/11-2009 there was a corrupt file on eDelivery and it took me a while to convince […]

  • Ziptest

    This is a couple of useful scripts to test downloaded files. This approach is recommended when downloading huge amounts of data like when downloading Oracle R12 installations files. In addition to testing the downloaded files also be sure to use a download manager. The basic zip test command is: $ unzip –t –qq {zipfile} I […]

  • R12 – Virtualbox Connection

    So you got R12 up and running and want to connect to it from a Vbox machine? I’m running R12.0.4 on OEL5.3 with Virtualbox 2.2.2 having a Windows 7 machine. R12 R12 is installed on OEL with the hostname: localhost.localdomain Firefox works locally against R12 so the EBS stack in working at this point. Start […]

  • Dell XPS M1530 and OEL 5.3

    Well why make a post about this? OEL does not seem to be a complete operating system – it feels like Linux 5 years ago with loads of drivers missing and command line fiddling. One chapter for each part… Graphics This does work out of the box but the built in driver is not great […]

  • Windows 7

    This post is written in Windows 7 RC running in Virtualbox inside Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) 5.3 – good fun! OEL is in reality a Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which is a bit amputated in term of applications and drivers. The reason for this constellation is OEL 5.3 Supports eBusiness Suite R12 and RDBMS 10g. […]

  • R12 – Firefox and Java

    I recommend you to start with this article to get R12 up and running. Firefox Firefox 3 does not work with R12. I could get forms to work however framework pages had problems with buttons. So install Firefox 2 instead. Java Plug-in For R12.0.4 on OEL desktop you want to use JRE otherwise you […]

  • R12 – OEL Login Script

    Use this script (vis.sh) to initialise the Oracle environment. I recommend you to start with this article to get R12 up and running. Run as Oracle user: $ . ./vis.sh Note the dot and space in front of a script to assign variables to the current environment. #!/bin/bash shopt -s expand_aliases ORACLE_SID=VIS ORACLE_HOST=`hostname -s` CONTEXT_NAME=${ORACLE_SID}_${ORACLE_HOST} […]

  • R12 – Managing

    This article applies to: EBS 12.0.4 on OEL5.3 EBS 12.1.1 on OEL5.4 RDBMS 10g on OEL5.3 RDBMS 11g on OEL5.3 and OEL5.4 I recommend you to start with this article to get R12 up and running. Login This is my own login script which you can see here. Login to OEL as Oracle and run […]