Install R12.1.3 from VM Template

This article is for functional consultants who wants an R12.1.3 environment available for knowledge development. Some basic DBA and Linux skills will be needed however.

Components needed are:

  • 2 computers – one controller and one server
  • Oracle VirtualBox (VBOX) on controller
  • Oracle Virtual Manager (OVM) on controller
  • Oracle Virtual Server (OVS) on server
  • Serva DNS on controller

Installing EBS R12.1.3 from a Virtual Machine (VM) template should be easier than the R12.1.1 install mentioned on this site. However after spending around 7 days work getting this up and running my conclusion is that the work needed is about the same as doing a clean R12.1.1 install. This is mainly due to the new technical layer of the OVM which may cause issues and has it’s own challenges. However doing a clean R12.1.3 installation is not really an option as this is not available from Oracle E-Delivery.

The setup is as follows:


These are the steps we need to perform (if link is missing the post is not done yet):

In the above I assume you can install VBOX and OEL6.1 and know how to download software from Oracle E-Delivery.

The hardware used is:

  • HP DM-4 with 8Gb ram for OVM on OEL6.1 in VBOX on Windows 7. The OEL virtual drive with OVM is less than 20Gb.
  • HP Proliant MicroServer with 4Gb ram for OVS with 3 hard disks. For OVS only 2 disks are needed. I would recommend 1 Tb each.
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