Category: Data Migration

  • Data Migration Strategy – a Functional Approach

    Having been on a few projects now where the data migration was treated as a technical exercise and felt the impact of this – now it’s time to describe the data migration from a functional perspective. Data migration strategy also called data conversion strategy is the basis for this. Focusing on the functional perspective helps […]

  • Documenting the Data Migration

    Lets have a look at the elements of the data migration by document: Strategy – High level scope of the data migration agreeing to what business objects must be migrated and how they depend on each other and on the business. Also business risks, constraints and limitations must be identified. Other topics may be data […]

  • Functional Approach to Data Migration

    Is the process of managing data migration a functional or a technical task? Many times I have seen the requirements for a data migration manager being mainly technical – however looking at the aspects of a data migration this may prove strong functional skills must be present. The data migration focus should be on: What […]