R12.1 – Installation

Well having installed and worked with R12.0.4  it very fast becomes clear that a new version is needed.

So I downloaded R12.1.1 from Oracle eDelivery. 40 files in excess of 45Gb to the joy of my ISP.

NOTE until 20/11-2009 there was a corrupt file on eDelivery and it took me a while to convince Oracle that it was the case.

The sick file was: V15571-01_2of3.zip

However the file has been fixed after the above date but be sure to test your downloaded files anyway using ziptest.

Otherwise follow the procedure for R12 Installation.

Some of the initial rapidwiz screen has changed though.

The Welcome screen is saying 12.1.1 – great:


Select express install:


Just click next on this one:


Update base directory:


Before logging in you should compile the jsp pages – see how to Compile JSP.

And then it is business as usual like in R12.0.4

Also in you environment script – the one I call vis.sh change this:


Have fun…

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