R12 – Installation

This article applies to version 12.0.4.

I recommend you to start with this article to get R12 up and running.


Transfer Files

Boot into Ubuntu and transfer files to the /oracle partition for example /oracle/install


Boot into OEL and login as oracle.

Alternatively you can unzip from NTFS to /oracle using Ubuntu but be sure to set file ownership correctly when in OEL:

$ chown –R oracle:oracle /oracle

Unzip EBS files into /oracle/stage:

$ ./unzip.sh V*

Unzip patch 6919017 into /oracle/stage

$ ./unzip.sh p6919017*

I used this script (unzip.sh):

if [ -z “$1” ]
echo “enter filename with wildcard to unzip”
for zipfile in $SOURCE/$1.zip
unzip -o $zipfile -d /oracle/stage

Also I had a bug once caused by security issues in the stage directory – to fix do this:

$ chmod –R 777 /oracle/stage/startCD


Always do this in OEL as the oracle user.

Many other people has described this process for example:


Use /oracle as base directory though. This will create EBS in /oracle/VIS.

This directory can easily be moved around to different disks as long as you keep the mount point to /oracle.

I call the rapidwiz using a script – useful if you have to restart:

cd /oracle/stage/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz
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