R12 on a LAPTOP

As a functional and technical consultant it is always useful to have a demo environment.

What about installing R12 VIS on your LAPTOP?

Well easier said than done.

Just the download is a daunting task – unbelievable 35Gb for 12.0.4

So check your broadband contract for any cap and excess charges before downloading this much.

Also use a download manager so you can queue all the downloads once.

I use http://www.orbitdownloader.com/ but be sure to stop the P2P ability for security.

When knowing Oracle you surely have to add patches and updates before anything works.

Lets do this the top down way.

You need to install:

I will not make screen dumps of everything as I assume you can fill out a form and click next.

Also so many other people has done this already so it would be pure waste of space then.

The things I will focus on is my experiences which may help or add to the information already available.

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