Month: August 2010

  • Project Directory Structure – Script

    I’ve often been thinking it could be useful to have a script that could create a directory structure for me based on a text file and a simple windows batch script. Well here it is… The default input file name is dirs.txt: ;Comment 0 Project Name 1   Project Management 2     Plan 2     Issues 2     Resources […]

  • Project Directory Structure

    Most projects – even the smallest ones – need a project directory structure for storing important documents. You may think this is a straight forward thing to create however after you may have tried working on several projects where the project structure didn’t work very well you realise it is not that easy anyway. Things […]

  • R12 – XML Publisher – XDO

    Back to R12 – Upgrade Overview Placeholder for XML Publisher

  • R12 – MOAC Security

    Multiple Organizations Access Control (MOAC) security give the possibility of querying or seeing transactions of one or more Operating Units (OU) without changing responsibility. In 11i we were securing transactions by Operating Unit (OU) only and we would have to choose a corresponding responsibility to see the transactions: OU1 – Receivables Manager OU2 – Receivables […]

  • R12 – Territory Manager – JTY

    Back to R12 – Upgrade Overview In 11i we assign collectors using the profile options and optionally manually override this at account level if needed. This gets rather hard to manage in large departments especially when people leaves or joins. However in R12 you have the ability to use Territory Manager which originally is a […]

  • R12 on two Laptops

    So we have installed R12 on a external USB hard disk according to my instructions but now we want more performance and flexibility? You can either run out and buy a huge server and re-install on that or try to use two laptops instead of one? Equipment used: Router – Draytek 2820 Laptop 1 – […]

  • Programming a Concurrent Request Set

    Concurrent Request Sets are great to use when having to submit multiple programs like period-end programs. However it in large scale projects you may have to submit very large request sets depending on some logic which is virtually impossible to implement as a Concurrent Request Set. It is easy to submit a program from a […]