R12 on two Laptops

imageSo we have installed R12 on a external USB hard disk according to my instructions but now we want more performance and flexibility?

You can either run out and buy a huge server and re-install on that or try to use two laptops instead of one?

Equipment used:

  • Router – Draytek 2820
  • Laptop 1 – R12 server: Lenovo Edge 13 with AMD Turion Neo X2 CPU and 4Gb RAM
  • Laptop 2 – Client: Dell XPS M1530 with Intel T8300 CPU and 6Gb RAM
  • Hard disk – R12 disk: Akasa eSata/USB2.0 case with Seagate 500Gb 7200RPM

Follow this to make it work:

  1. In the router set a static IP address for laptop 1 – I use
  2. Connect the hard disk to laptop 1 and boot
  3. So laptop 1 still thinks it is but router makes it for other computers
  4. Start R12 on laptop 1 and ensure everything is up and running nicely
  5. Update hosts file on laptop 2: localhost.localdomain
    Localhost is normally the loopback but as the R12 server is using this name we must do the same
  6. In the browser on laptop 2 connect to http://localhost.localdomain:8000
  7. Login and go!


R12 Performance is fine only taking 1.7Gb RAM on Laptop 1.

Cpu level is very low as well < 25% overall.

I/O could be better as the USB2 is not that fast.

Fitting the R12 hard disk inside Laptop 1 may boot performance thanks to Sata being 10+ times faster than USB2.

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